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Finlash gift box
Finlash gift box

Finlash gift box


Surprise your loved ones or yourself with a beautiful gift box! 

The Finlash gift box contains a cleansing foam 100 ml and an eyelash serum 8 ml, as well as a beautiful gift box.

Delivery costs for the gift box are free. 


Finlash cleansing foam 100 ml

Oil-free cleansing foam for eyelash extensions, eyes and face. Gently cleanses without drying out the skin or irritating the eyes. Removes water-soluble makeup. Suitable for daily use. The product has a mild odor. 

  • For cleaning eyelash extensions
  • For cleaning fake eyelashes
  • For cleaning water-soluble eye makeup
  • For cleansing water-soluble face makeup

Use: Apply cleansing foam to damp lashes, eyes and face. Swirl lightly, do not rub. Rinse off with plenty of water.

Active substance: betaine.


Finlash eyelash serum 8 ml

Moisturizing and nourishing serum for eyelashes and eyebrows. Contains strengthening and protective betaine. The oil-free composition is ideal for eyelash extensions. The serum is suitable for daily use. The scent of the product comes from the active ingredients, no added fragrances.

  • For natural lashes
  • For eyelash extensions
  • For lash lifts
  • For eyebrows

Use: Apply the serum to clean lashes and eyebrows in the evening. No need to rinse. Brush your lashes lightly with a lash brush in the morning. 

Active ingredients: betaine, rice and soy protein.


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