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Finlash Oy is a Finnish cosmetics company founded in 2019 by two young women focusing on eyelashes. We currently handle all the business operations ourselves. Finlash has been launched in Finland in June 2020. We first launched only two products; a cleansing foam and an eyelash serum. We participate in the development of our own product collection and the products are backed by a long period of product development and testing. Our passion is to develop and manufacture quality products that we can be completely satisfied with.

Finlash as a company

We are a Finnish cosmetics company specialising in eyelash extensions and eyelashes. Our natural cosmetic collection is completely vegan. Our skin and eyelash care products are developed, manufactured and packaged in Finland. Our eyelash accessories are also designed in Finland. Our cosmetic products are ophthalmologically tested under the supervision of ophthalmologists and are ideal for the eye area. The cleansing foam, the eyelash serum and the eye cream have also been awarded the Key Flag for Finnish work.

Where did Finlash come from?

Finlash was born from the idea to create the first complete cosmetics line for eyelash extensions users. Although the collection has been developed with eyelash extensions in mind, the products are suitable for anyone who cares about their eyes and lashes. The most important criteria for us in developing the products were domesticity, safety, quality, gentleness and naturalness.

After testing several products, we wanted to start developing our own complete organic cosmetic collection for eyelashes. From our own experience, it has been difficult to find cosmetic products that are suitable for eyelash extensions and do not affect their permanence. Many products containing oils weaken the adhesive bond or the ingredient glycerine may "stick" the lash extension fibres together. We do not use oils or glycerine in our products. Our products do not sting the eyes, so they are also suitable for those with sensitive eyes.

The main active ingredient used in the products is betaine, a raw material produced from Finnish sugar beet as a by-product of the sugar industry. In our products, betaine acts as a moisturising, conditioning, protective and strengthening agent. Betaine also adds shine to lashes. Read more about betaine here.

Where can I get Finlash products?

We want to offer domestic, safe and effective skin care products that are easily accessible to everyone. We resell our products to beauty salons and pharmacies. See our resellers Here.

Where does the name Finlash come from?

We wanted the name to highlight the Finnishness of our values. We also wanted the name of the collection to reflect lashes. After a long period of thinking about the name, we decided to combine the words FIN + LASH, and from these words we came up with the name of our company and product collection, which perfectly reflects who we are.

How did we get to know each other?

We met at the beginning of our cosmetology studies in 2013. We spent a lot of time together during cosmetology school, from where we went on to study together as cosmetology consultants. It was during my studies as a cosmetics advisor that my own cosmetic line first came up. For a long time it was just a dream, but in 2018 we decided to make the dream come true and gradually started to develop our own cosmetic collection.

Now we have our own cosmetic collection and we are completely satisfied with it. We can honestly and proudly stand with our cosmetic collection and can warmly recommend our Finlash products to everyone!

Our training:

We have both been training ourselves continuously alongside our jobs. Roosa has worked mainly in her own beauty salon and Juulia in a pharmacy and cosmetics stores. We both have a wide and long experience in the beauty industry, different treatment methods and different cosmetic collections. Our extensive knowledge of cosmetic collections has helped us to develop our own products. In particular, we have experience in eyelash extensions, their application, care and use.

Our collection will grow in the future with new products suitable for eyes and eyelash extensions.

With Finlash products you will keep your lashes and eyelash extensions looking good for a long time!

- Roosa & Juulia

Finlash Oy, founders & owners


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