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General information about eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions involve gluing fibres to your own eyelashes to make them longer, thicker and darker. Eyelash fibres come in different lengths, colours, thicknesses and curvatures. The most commonly used lengths for eyelashes range from 7-13 mm. Natural lashes grow and fall out when the fibres are attached. The whole lash line has a renewal interval of about 2-3 months. Therefore, the maintenance interval is usually between 2 and 5 weeks, during which time the fibres are replaced and the attachments are checked.

Lash extension techniques

The most common types of extension techniques are volume and classic. Volumes are generally more bulky than classic, as the extension fibres are much thinner and lighter in the volumes. They can be applied in a fan-shaped pattern of about 2-6 pieces to a single natural stripe. Volumes also give a natural look, as the number of fibres can be controlled. In the classical ones, one thicker extension fibre is used in a single natural rib.

In megavolumes, the fibres are even thinner than in volumes, allowing up to 7-15 fibres to be placed in a single fan. The end result is a very thick lash extension. In hybrids, classic and volumetric fibres are mixed to create a "starry" finish.

A trained lash technician can take your wishes into account, map your lashes and see what length and thickness of fibres will best suit them. Correctly applied and cared for, eyelash extensions will not damage your own eyelashes.


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