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Why eyes and eyelashesextensions should be cleaned daily?

The role of eyelashes is to protect the eyes from dirt, debris and dust. During the day, eyelids sweat, become oily and collect dirt. Make-up and grease are also transferred through the eyelids to the eyelashes. This is why eyelashes and eyelids need daily cleaning.

Daily cleaning of eyelash extensionsistherefore an important part of eyelash maintenance . Due to their massiveness, eyelash extensions collect many times more dirt than eyelashes on their own.

Eyelash extensions are fitted at a distance of about 0.2-0.5 mm from the eyelid and then grow further away from the eyelid as the eyelashes grow. The growth line between the eyelid and the fibre is an ideal attachment point for make-up, sebum and curlers, for example. The fibres should not be positioned too close to the eyelid and should not be attached to it.

Failure to wash eyelash extensions can cause inflammation of the eyelid or eyelash curler, known as blepharitis. Poor eye hygiene, oils and grease also break the adhesive bond between the fibre and the lash, which can damage the durability of the extensions. Eyelash extensions last longer when they are kept clean. Also, due to poor hygiene, the volume gaps can "stick" together, making the extensions less attractive.

Cleaning eyelash extensions is not just a matter of using water, you need to clean them with a special cleaning agent. This keeps the eyelids, the base of the lashes and the lash extensions clean. Finlash products are designed for this purpose. Our products do not contain oils, glycerine or animal ingredients. Products containing oils can weaken the adhesive bond and the glycerin used in them "glues" the lash extension fibres together. Our products have also been ophthalmologically tested under the supervision of ophthalmologists and are perfectly suited to the eyelashes.

Our products will help you keep your lashes clean and beautiful for longer.


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