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Finnish cosmetics company specializing in eyelash extensions and eyelashes

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FINLASH products and brand ↓

"Hi, both the cleansing foam and the serum are the best! 😍 Both are also a part of my evening routines and it's a wonderful feeling when you get your lashes and extensions properly clean!"
- A satisfied customer of Finlash products
"I just had to go order a cleansing foam for my lash extensions, because I just ran out of it😍 Of course I'd get a cheaper one from the store etc, but there is something about chasing your dreams and creating a such a wonderful brand (+it being finnish and every other plus about the products) so I'd rather spend my money on your products and support your brand!🙏🏻😍"
- A customer that discovered Finlash products
"I've used the eyelash serum for a week now and I've fallen in love😍 It has clearly given strength to my eyelashes and they don't fall off so easily, also I feel like it has made my lashes longer because they get to grow for a longer period of time. Thank you Finlash, will definitely order your products again❤️"
- A user of Finlash eyelash serum


On our website you will find information about the manufacture of our products as well as the maintenance of the well-being of your lashes and eyebrows.




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