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Gua Sha massage stone
Gua Sha massage stone

Gua Sha massage stone


Luxurious light-coloured Gua Sha massage stone for a cooling, soothing and relaxing massage. The massage relaxes facial muscles, supports blood circulation and reduces swelling. Brightens and evens skin tone. Particularly suitable for the eye area. Suitable for all skin types.

Always treat the skin gently. If the skin is broken, do not use the stone. Handle the stone with care. If you notice any dents in the stone, dispose the stone to avoid breaking the skin.

Made of natural material. Each product is unique, so the colour of the stone may vary from place to place.

Before first use, wash the stone with a mild detergent. Clean after each use and dry well. You can store the dry stone in a storage bag.

Can be stored in the refrigerator, as a cool stone will help reduce swelling on the face and eye area.

Skin type: all skin types

Use: Always use on clean skin. Before starting the massage, apply Finlash Eye Contour Cream to the eye area to increase the glide of the stone and facilitate the massage.

Press the massage stone firmly against the skin, but do not stretch the skin.

Material: 100% natural jade stone

See instructions for using the Gua Sha stone Here.


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