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Eyelash and cleaning brush

Eyelash and cleaning brush


One end of the brush has an eyelash brush and the other end a cleaning brush.

The soft brush is suitable for cleaning eyelash extensions and eye makeup, as well as for applying eye makeup. With the cleaning brush, you can easily clean the gaps between the eyelash extensions without damaging your eyelashes.

The eyelash brush is suitable for brushing and separating eyelash extensions. The silicone brush is a gentle alternative to eyelash extensions, and it does not stick to the eyelashes. With the help of an eyelash brush, you keep your eyelash extensions beautiful longer. 

Clean the brush regularly with a mild detergent and let it dry horizontally. Wash the brush before the first use.

How to use: Wet the eyelashes with water and gently apply Finlash cleansing foam to the eyelashes. Swirl the cleaning brush lightly at the base of the eyelashes and spread the foam all over the length of the eyelashes. Rinse the eyelashes with plenty of water. Brush the eyelashes with an eyelash brush, if necessary, gently all the way through.

Material: Silicone eyelash brush. The bristles of the cleaning brush are synthetic. 

 The brush is not manufactured in Finland.


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